A few acquaintances have told me that they feel ‘uneasy’ about meeting up with people who have not had the jabs.

Well we are about to open the doors to Afghanistan.Be prepaid for tax rises and more NHS waiting and house shortages for the Brits.

Government desperation, they are now thinking about offering discounts with companies to entice people to have this jab. 
We really must stop and ask ourselves, what is this really all about? 

Avoid non-essential travel says Govt. I say stuff that and get back to normal.#openup

I’ve just watched the promo for GB News,
this is a new change for news in Britain, a welcome change, a needed change.

Why don't they just come and sat June 21st isn't happening, why all this BS.

You know how all these companies are running these promotions for the vaccinated? Well imagine what it could be like if a cure for cancer was found, as this post I came across on Facebook this morning testifies. Essentially all this free stuff is a bribe and a reason for them to make money.

Don't fall for it, no matter how much they pressurise you. You decide what goes into your body, not them.

A fair few of the Torries have shares in the mask companies as well as the pharma companies, you can't seriously expect them to give up such a lucrative business can you? First it was plastic bags, the secret tax on customers, now we need masks, next we will be expected to take our own oxygen out with us that we have to pay for.

The goalposts have moved repeatedly. From deaths, to hospitalisations, to vaccine uptake, to cases, to variant risk. I am not uneducated, nor stupid, but this is almost certainly all very sinister and deliberate manipulation now.

Anybody feeling conned into taking this vaccine?

They originally said ‘freedom would come’ when the elderly and vulnerable had this experimental vaccine, now it seems they are coming for everybody to have it and now they want children to have it, AND they still won't get rid of masks and social distancing, so if you don't feel conned, how long will it take for you to realise that you are.

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